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Riding high on my co-star role in Bull makes me feel feisty!


That’s my type; a woman who gets what she wants and will take whatever measures she needs to do so. Tough, smart and well-educated characters come easily to me. Think corrupt politician, high-level CEO, prominent Big City Psychiatrist, shrewd detective or a suburban housewife with boxing gloves. Oh, what a motley crew!


With a strong background that dates back to my training with Bill Hickey at HB Studios, I continue to hone my craft with Alice Spivak, Anthony Grasso and UCB. I’ve booked dozens of projects including award-winning indie films, web series, commercials, voiceovers and principal roles on cable TV.


My experience as Drama Desk President and on-air theater reporter (Cablevision12 and The Broadway Channel) inspired my vision to become a working actor. In addition, interviewing playwrights and actors for The Financial Times and The New York Daily News set me on the road to this new adventure.


As an artist, I am fearless and love to fully and imaginatively immerse myself in all of the roles I play. There is a deep kind of reflection that actors must nurture, that is at the cornerstone of self-care and self-realization.


Let’s go make art!

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