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Isa Goldberg began her professional acting career in 2015 after a successful career in the newspaper business. As a theater reporter/reviewer, Isa became Drama Desk President from 2010 through the 2014-15 season, making her the second woman president in the organization's 68 years. After seeing four to five shows a week for years, Isa found her calling when she saw the late Jan Maxwell portraying a savvy Washington D.C. socialite in Lincoln Center's "City of Conversation".​

Being married to a woman for the past 40 years also shapes who I am. My wife and I participated in creating a queer community in Sag Harbor, where social change actually occurred. Being able to connect with people who could affect social change – such as Edie Windsor and Edward Albee – are huge influences for both of us. Here is an article recently written about our lives in Sag Harbor and NYC.

When she's not acting, Isa enjoys going to the theater, doing gyrotonics, and eating fried chicken. New York City’s got all kinds of fried chicken. (We’ve got Indian fried chicken, Korean fried chicken, Charles Pan-Fried Chicken, Atomic Wings, and Sweet Chicks, too.) But give me deep fried turkey in Atlanta any day.

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